Gee – yet another Kiwi knockout website!

… But I have to wonder whether my friends Dave Isaacs and Aaron Leighton are losing it.

They’d been in touch about their new step-by-step training site and I must confess that I had some skepticism. “Ho – hum”, I thought …, “So what’s new? Aren’t there training sites out there, a dime a dozen?”

Now whether it was just my sense of patriotism or whatever, I felt that it wouldn’t hurt to go take a look.

I’ve got to say … I was just stunned at what these guys are offering up!

First off, this is no ordinary … “heard it all before” site. These two guys – God bless ’em – have 40 hours of step-by-step internet marketing video training on a heap of topics from :

– mini-site creation to instant website tricks;

– mastering graphics and audio to linking strategies and building up traffic;

– Adsense to list building ;

– automatically updating content to building huge keyword niche sites …

… and I’m not even part way through!

Now what I have not yet told you is that accessing all of this information is not going to cost you one penny.

This is one online marketing course I wholeheartedly endorse. You can gain access to this wealth of first class video training material by clicking on the highlighted link in this sentence.

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