Well, seems there is a new kid on the block determined more than ever to oust Second Life with its cool new virtual world that has just been launched. And better yet .. its offering you free shares in this new potentially profitable, home based business.

Me2Everyone opened its doors on the 10th January. Now, you, your friends and the many others you get to meet, will revel in getting to shape your own virtual new world where you can create real incomes and share in the profits, on what promises to be a pretty spectacular platform.

Here, the possibilities are boundless;  for example you can chat,  find the love of your life, do your bit to help save the planet, play the free lottery, open your own art gallery, set up your own newspaper, or profit from your own online store.

As a member of the Me2Everyone business team you immediately become  a shareholder, without having to pay one red cent. Between now and when membership reaches 100,000,  (its around 20,000 today) for each member you sign into the program you will receive 3,000 shares (and they will get 1,000). With a real world value of GBP 3 pounds, it is projected that just this small parcel by itself  will have  a value of GBP 1,740 pounds by 2012.  Impressive in itself .. but I suspect that you will see this business opportunity for what it really is, and if serious will want to discover a way to boost your share levels beyond 1,000,000; thus creating an income in excess of $30,000.

If after just 1 day into the program membership has hit 20,000 .. then you had better bank on the fact that this company is going to be huge and shares will soar in value over the coming months!  Yep .. like most online ventures Me2Everyone is speculative, but I figure the odds are very much cast in favor of  those astute enough to register now. Remember .. this is not going to cost you a single cent and on joining you will receive a parcel of shares in this potentially highly profitable home based business.

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