As you will have seen things have got a little behind with the blog. The main reason for this is because caught up in the enthusiasm with one of the groups I’d formed on one of the big social networking sites, I decided to go all out and create a blog which would document the creation and ongoing evolution of the group. The blog would be monetized but only with a few Adsense ads and some hyperlinks through to related Amazon products that readers might wish to check out.

In order to lend some flavour to the blog I thought that it would be great to recount not just some of the items which may have been posted in a summarised form but also have names of contributors shown, so they could see how their contribution fitted into the overall picture. I also realized it was important that folk be able to get in touch if they did not want their name mentioned or the circumstances surrounding any discussion we may have had.

And so in I went … and many hours of work later … I have myself a blog, which even I have to confess makes for interesting reading.

I don’t quite know what sparked it but lying in bed that night, the thought suddenly came to me that perhaps I should go check out this social networking site’s terms and conditions, privacy policy and so on. Just as well I did .. because from my cursory reading of the content, it became pretty clear that I would need to tread very gingerly. There may well be possible copyright issues if I proceed as planned, not to speak of the danger of infringing on privacy rights.

It just does not make sense to proceed with the project as planned, until I get my head around some of the small print. Disappointing? Very .. but there is a lesson to be learned here. If you are looking to document your participation with any of the social networking sites exercise due diligence first to ensure that you are not in breach any of the site’s rules or regulations. Then if you are fully satisfied you are not in breach, proceed as planned.

Does this mean that the blog is finished? I don’t know. Perhaps another angle may present itself. But in the meantime … the hatches have been battened down, hard and fast.

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