A few posts back I wrote about Mari Smith’s complete multi-media course for growing your business on Facebook – Facebook for Professionals . And that should have made you quickly realize that Facebook is just not about connecting with childhood friends or seeking out the love of your life. The fact is that very few people at this point in time have realized the huge income potential available on this all-popular social networking site.

With Facebook receiving over 30 million unique page views a month and being ranked by Alexa as the 6th most visited site, it was only going to be a matter of time before someone tumbled to the fact that a potential gold mine existed here.

Well .. over the next few days I will be evaluating a new and yet complimentary product to Mari’s, so stay tuned for my review. The new Facebook Payday kit has just been released and what is especially interesting is the way that a number of savvy marketers are apparently making a killing using demographically targeted ads, a method totally unlike the keyword focussed ads which has been the traditional pay per click method with Google Adwords. But there is a secret to writing these ads and a different approach must be taken than that adopted in writing ads for Google Adwords campaigns.

Of course there is much more to Facebook Payday secrets than being shown how to write profit pulling ads so that folk feel that they are not being sold to.

But .. those secrets can keep until such time as I am able to digest all that the Facebook Payday kit has to offer, to find out how we can together go about growing our business through this hugely popular social networking site.

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