One of my marketing friends has just tipped me off that the much heralded Google Friend Connect has just started to ramp up.

You need to be logged into Google and then navigate on through to . There, following just two or three easy instructions you will be able to add the Friend Connect widget to your website or blog.

If you take a look over in the right-hand sidebar on this blog you will see what I mean.

I was amazed at just how fast my request to Google had been processed. I applied yesterday and received advice through today that I’d been invited to try the service. Being logged into Google, I immediately went to the link and found that I could download the widget.

It would be both a pleasure and an honour to have you connect with me here. You can do that by clicking on the “join this site” button in the Friend Connect widget in the right hand sidebar.

I would invite any of you to post your comments on what you think of Google Friend Connect. The next step for us is coming to grips with just how this much touted widget will benefit us.

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