It’s not surprising how the new Hubze (previously Moneza)  site has made a big splash with its announcement of a limited free Beta trial runout. Although Beta testing has now closed, a lot more information is filtering through (I was in on a webinar this evening) and everyone is wanting to clamour on board as they start to understand just how Hubze  can revolutionize the way they interconnect online.

We all know that whoever is in business is always constantly trying to expand their network. The more people in your network the larger your influence. I am a member of a number of the social networking sites, with my biggest network being up on Facebook (please do come join me if you are not a friend or fan already. You will see my Facebook badge on the blog here ).

Now .. imagine being able to harness nearly all of your activity and pop it up all together on the one platform. No more having to log in to each and every site each time you want to post content or intereact with networks, friends or fans online.

Now with the new Hubzecard once you have understood its functionality you can expect a larger database, more contacts and most importantly ..  personal branding.

I think it really neat that at the base of your Hubzecard you have a box where you can enter a short text message and then have this automatically go out simultaneously to each of the social networking sites which you have linked to your Hubze card.  And the law of reciprocity shows that once this message has got out to these sites such as Facebook, Friendfeed, LinkedIn, Twitter et al,  then you are going to have those sites sending people back to your card. When they go check out your card they will see all of the sites with which you are associated and even the messenger apps you subscribe to such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger etc. Voila! Connection!

If you move location, folk will be able to follow you about. As with Twitter you will be able to see who is following you and who you are following on each of the networks. You will also be able to get RSS feeds showing up on your card from all of the listed sites – mmmm – nice fresh content for the search engines, showing you just what your friends have been up to and you’ll be able to comment on their updates. And .. pull in contact details. All … very cool!

Your free Hubze card therefore has in effect become a hub or a portal if you like, to all of these networks. Easy to understand why you would be wanting to get your Hubze card link out there!

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