A week or so back I joined a global network of over 20,000 Local and Special Interest Communities the like of which does not exist anywhere else on the internet …  Cagora.  I did this because this is a site which I believe is going places.  This new ‘one stop shop’ is moving from a developmental phase into a marketing phase and that represents tremendous opportunity for you and your profitable home based business.

At this stage I have just joined the New Zealand community (sensible since I’m a Kiwi) and the Greece community, given that I have a huge amount of interaction with Greek friends on Facebook and am exploring some marketing possibilities in that region of the world. But other communities along with some of the special interest groups are sure to capture my attention.

Ok – so folk have yet to find out about this new phenomenon named Cagora, but let me just share with you something of an overview.

If you are looking to:

* Meet and network with fascinating people from all around your own country and indeed all around the world

* Gain access to an astonishing range of interactive content (Videos, Photos, Blogs etc) that’s interesting and relevant to you

* Help ‘Make a Difference’ as Cagora shares out 80% of the money that other companies usually keep for themselves, as profits with you. other members, charities and community groups ..

then you need to read on.

Because Cagora is very much in its infancy, this represents tremendous opportunity for you. Some of the geographical landscapes I visited remain virtually untouched.

Please bear with me as I run a few possible scenarios past you.

1. You are looking to build an internet home business with solid recurring income.

Are you:

* New to internet marketing and looking for a company that can provide you with a ‘Turnkey’ business with the products, systems and support to show you how to profit online?

* Familiar with the basics but are looking for new ways to build multiple streams of recurring income?

* Experienced with an existing list but are looking to take things to the next level?

* Already operating in a niche but want to harness the power of Cagora to explode your niche earnings

*Flat broke but keen to learn how to earn a substantive recurring income without spending a cent?

* Intrigued by the way the words “Development Partnerships” roll off the tongue and wish to explore further ?

You need Cagora.

2. You have a huge following of local fans/customers.

Then you need to profit from the millions of dollars worth of virtual real estate which will be available. Learn how to get more customers, boost your sales of existing customers and be seen as a Community Minded Business. You are able to earn recurring affiliate and bonus commissions from Partnership and Sponsorship Advertising packages which are scarce and which gain in value .. and .. from the local search dominator packages, which local businesses all around the world are snapping up so as to gain more exposure. And why wouldn’t you be interested in these packages yourself?

3. You are a member of a community group or non profit organization.

Where better to promote yourself and share in the profits?

Cagora’s Community Worlds are a network of “one stop shops” which center around:

– Local Area, i.e. Japan. As a member of that network you can also drill down even further to the regions and cities within Japan, i.e. Tokyo, and indeed some of the smaller cities and towns.

– Special interest topic, i.e. Music, Gardening and Extreme Sport and their  sub communities of Jazz, Bonsai and Parachuting. Unlike the big Social networks such as Facebook for instance, for each topic there is just the ONE community, not a multitude of different groups, so in addition to being a place to socialize and network these also provide a valuable information resource for people, businesses and non profit bodies. Hey .. and where better than to explore some of those potential sub niches you were looking to set up?

Content is member created, with each network also containing content feeds and links back to the very best that the web has to offer.

On joining Cagora you may find yourself slightly overwhelmed  .. it is in the process of being streamlined. I  say to you .. look beyond that .. and just imagine the possibilities for you as a marketer.

There never has been a better time than now to grow your own profitable home based business with this powerhouse of a site .. oh .. duh! .. afterthought … Cagora is free to join.

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