So what are silo pages and why do you need them?

Simply put… A silo is a tightly focused group of web pages with content that strengthens (rather than hurts) your theme relevance.

Silo pages are linked together in a linear way to reinforce the theme.

The bottomline…

Better rankings on Google and other search engines, more visitors to your website and of course… increased profits.

Now, as you probably know, Google and other search engines try to display the most relevant search results for a given search term by ranking websites that have a tight theme relevance across the entire site.

However, do you know that synonyms of the main keyword for a web page strengthen the theme relevance of the page?

That’s right… and this is so very important.

Additionally, linking pages in a specific way to prevent theme bleeding, while keeping a tight focus between pages that are linked together, strengthens the theme relevance even further.

If you think this sounds complicated, imagine trying to figure out how to do all this manually…

Talk about a complete waste of time, if you could even do it at all by yourself.

Well … enter SiloMatic; a brand new desktop software application for creating search-engine friendly websites quickly and easily. The websites which SiloMatic creates link all the pages correctly to prevent theme bleeding. It also makes sure you create these tightly focused groups of web pages, known as silos.

I am just starting to find that the best content to use for SiloMatic is original articles. You can create 400 – 600 word articles yourself or outsource this job to a ghostwriter by using a service like

Take a minute or two and take a look at this video.

Now it goes without saying. If you build websites for search engines the right way then you are guaranteed to bring in more profits while dominating Top 10 rankings.

So, go check out SiloMatic today and discover the profound benefits it can bring you and your web business.

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