If you can’t answer “Yes” to that question then you can redress that right now.

Introducing … the 30 Day Challenge … and NO it is still not too late to join!

I’m dragging the chain a bit myself with it having started in a couple of days late – it started on 1 August and goes through to the end of the month. But anyone signing up within the next three days, should have no trouble keeping pace with this truly ‘mind blowing’ internet marketing challenge.

I’ve been marketing online for a couple of years now … and I have to say this is surely without precedent.

You will be taught many ‘unheard of before’ Web 2.0 online marketing strategies – that many of the so called professionals know absolutely nothing about – and traffic building techniques that are about to become the way of the future.

Newbie marketers and those wanting to move ahead now have the opportunity to take on the 30 Day Challenge.

Are you up for it?

Oh … and by the way. Don’t expect to pay one single brass razoo throughout the course of the month. Ed Dale and his team have set aside one month of the year to give you something back and are asking NOTHING in return … and I have to say I am most touched by this amazing generosity.

I urge you … get in on this and I look forward to catching up with you on the inside …

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