I regard Neil Shearing as one of the most respected of online marketers, and have stuck beside him now since 2004 – when I first joined his program.

Now I’m delighted to announce that true to form Neil has just released an incredible set of movies which you would be well advised to go check out.

Why should you take a look? Well, Neil is an expert at creating Passive Cashflow. That means, he sets up a revenue stream and then forgets about it… while it keeps putting
money into his bank account. Neil says this is the ONLY way for lazy people, like him, to get rich online.

In one example, he shows how he earned $82.95 from Adsense in just one day, from one website which builds itself!

In another example he shows you how he’s still earning money from a site that’s paid him $30,240 over seven years!

How many people do you know who have *really* been earning serious Passive Cashflow online for years and years?

There are other examples… one autoresponder put an extra $8,257 pure profit into his hands with no effort… one affiliate program paid him $26,704 in passive income in a year.

Truth to tell, there are lots of people who talk nonsense about making money online, but Neil isn’t one of them. He’s been earning cash online for over ten YEARS and all his stuff
describes his own tried and tested, proven techniques.

Check out Neil’s movies on creating passive cashflow right now, while you’re thinking about it.

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