You may recall that 10 days ago I put up a very important post about the NO COST 40 hours of step-by-step internet marketing video training that my good friends Dave Isaacs and Aaron Leighton are making available.

Now they’ve gone even one better! That’s right… they are now going to pay you to promote their free Learn-The -Basics .com membership site … up to $2 for every free member you introduce into the program!

It’s gonna be great fun so be sure to check out all the details here as soon as you possibly can.

If you want to make maximum return from your efforts then it’s important that you take a look now at this first class video training material . While you are there, go click on the ‘blog’ link at the top of the webpage, to learn how you can start earning rnoney right away by promoting this unique online marketing course.

But a word of advice …. don’t hang around on this one. You will need to act quickly.

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