Those of us who have been around on the net for a while will have been exposed to a plethora of unethical online marketing practices. These invariably have as their prime motive ensnarement of the unsuspecting or naive and usually newbie marketer, for the purposes of either sucking that person into the sales funnel and/or gaining a future prospect.

One such scenario which has got my back up (and there are many others) runs something like this:

An email is sent out wherein the opening sentence purports to offer a free report on how to powercharge one’s Clickbank income. The closing sentence reads “And some of the very best tips are included in this free report – grab your copy today”!

Anyone reading this can be excused for thinking that this no cost report will provide them valuable information they can immediately act on to boost their Clickbank sales and thus their profits. And so they click through to an opt in page and enter the required personal details in order to secure this “free” report. They have now ended up on the marketer’s “list”, the price they must pay to secure these tips they believe will change their fortunes. A second email comes through directing them to a download page, which also contains links to two other paid products. OK .. fair enough .. no one is asking that these be clicked on. And so the 6 page report pops up which they can download to their desktop and read at their leisure. A casual skim over this however reveals that the report in and of itself offers nothing of value that can be extracted unless one chooses to click on one of the embedded links therein and sign up to a $45 product; coincidentally this being one of the very same links that had been snuck into the download page!

The outcome of all of this? For the person who has opted in ..
– They’ve received nothing of value for free. They can only proceed further if they are prepared to pay
– They’ve had maybe 10-15 minutes of their time wasted while they read through a report that does not deliver what they had been led to believe
– They’ve had little but affiliate links placed in front of them in the hope that they will click through and buy product
– They are now stuck on someone’s list until such time as they choose to unsubscribe, and thus run the real risk of more of this ‘misinformation’ being placed in front of them.

As to the brains behind this carefully contrived piece of deception (whether that be the product owner or affiliate promoting) one can only feel a sense of disgust. Has online marketing now sunk to such depths?

My advice .. give these characters a wide berth and ONLY stick with those who show some sense of integrity and honesty from the outset.

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