I can only say that this year the whole team in behind the Thirty Day Challenge really pulled out all of the stops. And before I press on I would like you to know that it is still not too late .. to go and take on the Thirty Day Challenge yourself. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer you can now with some certainty know whether you are likely to succeed in any given niche .. and any online marketing course which can teach you this is absolutely indispensable.

I got especially excited to find that thanks to the absolutely earth shattering Market Samurai I made the front page of Google on the four main keywords that I had chosen for my niche. The results panned out as follows and these all occurred within a couple of hours of my niche blog being indexed ..

Keyphrase 1 – Exact Match – #1 and #2 out of 31,600
– Broad – #2 and #3 out of 657,000
New Digg sub at #22.

Keyphrase 2 – Exact Match – # 3 out of 20,900
– Broad – #1 and #2 out of 288,000

Keyphrase 3 – Exact Match – #4 out of 9,470
– Broad – #7 out of 155,000

Keyphrase 4 – Exact Match- #6 on 28,100

– Broad – #2 and #3 on 155,000

This was before I had put up my Squidoo lens, my Weebly site, my Hubpage, and my submissions to two of the big article directories. Unfortunately, I was to find that I could not submit to EzineArticles as the article was indirectly promoting the sale of firearms, (black powder pistols specifically).

Now truth to tell, these grandiose results have not translated to sales .. and they have peeled away somewhat .. and I think that is because I have yet to enliven content up on the blog and I need to also take a much closer look at product .. and perhaps adopt a narrower focus .. after all I’m rubbing shoulders with some very big pistol manufacturers and suppliers with established reputations. But the results are most heartening .. and a little further down the track I will keep you posted on how things are progressing with that Black Powder Pistol blog.

Meanwhile – if you can allot yourself some spare time do take a look at the Thirty Day Challenge. I know you won’t regret it.

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