To date, little discussion has arisen here regarding the mini-sites. Well … that’s all about to change.

I’ve only just started to tinker with what undoubtedly is the very best 100% free html editor you are likely to get your hands on, the – Nvu Windows and Mac authoring system . I qualify that statement not from my own experience of it, which is but limited, but from the rave reviews I’ve had from my online colleagues. It is seen as worthy of comparison with the likes of Microsoft Frontpage and Publisher.

And … we will have full recourse to Nvu for building our mini-sites along with literally up to about three thousand website templates available for download. This will be used to construct our portal index site and satellite mini-sites to which we will be appending blogs … but no need to get into the detail of how and why we are going to do that just yet.

You can imagine how delighted I was when I found that everything I could ever seek in working with Nvu to build mini-sites and opt-in pages was to be found in Dan Kelly’s FREE “Mini-Sites Made Easy” video tutorial course.

In this awesome series of 14 videos, Dan shows how easy it is to teach literally ANYONE how to quickly and easily setup their very own order-taking, money-making mini-sites.

Here, he lays out the entire process of setting up three different types of mini-sites, all using proven direct marketing techniques. I’m not in the habit of hyping up anyone’s product but believe me when I say that his step-by-step videos are like nothing you’ve ever seen before! They are compulsive viewing!

You will be shown how to design your very own sales pages, order pages, and even download pages; how to secure your download pages from hackers and thieves, how to get 2 free tools for creating and uploading your new websites, how you can accept credit cards without a merchant account… and much, much more!

And .. he’s even tossing in a couple of free mini-site templates so you can get started with your own sites right away.

This video collection will be a first class resource to return to time and time again.

Oh! and I nearly forgot … you now have full rights to give away free memberships to “Mini-Site Secrets Revealed” and the chance to earn cash, thus adding another income stream to your ever expanding profitable home based business.


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