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It is also the place where we host our numerous RSS feeds for different sites and blogs.

It is still a work in progress and we have a ton of information to upload and different themes and presentations we are experimenting with. We shall also be hosting a lot of updates and added instruction for affiliates of the NZPCS Million Dollar Blueprint program. Eventually we will add an SEO section and we shall we sharing many of the techniques we use to get our sites highly ranked in the search results.

Chances are you were referred to this blog by me and I will be your Mentor in the Million Dollar Blueprint Program. Bookmark this site so you can refer to it often.

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A little about myself …Hello – allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dale Calder. I am 60 years old and live in Auckland (the City of Sails), New Zealand and I am married with two adult sons.I am passionate in the belief that everyone regardless of race, religion, perceived status, financial situation or whatever, is given every opportunity to “make it” on the Internet.It will be my pleasure to assist anyone, so desiring such success.My interests include:Paintball, Internet Marketing ,Consultancy, Training , Music, Theatre (involved in Amateur Theatre), Archery, Beach Rambles, Fishing and Boating, Dining out, Travel (I have travelled extensively), Greek Culture, Reading, Life Science and Property Investment.I am constantly reminded of some words penned by the great Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis in his “Report to Greco” …. ‘Reach What You Cannot!’.

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