Market research starts with the bringing together of a mass of ideas, all thrown into the melting pot for sifting through later. It is imperative that you have a wide range of choice, as, in the event of some ultimately not delivering then you can fall back on others.

You can bet your bottom dollar, every time a coconut, that when things come unstuck with a site it is because this all too important step of undertaking correct research has not been taken.

Ideas abound everywhere from the likes of craft exhibits at the local country fair to new product displays in malls, from TV advertorials to trend magazines. Ask around in some of the specialist shops and find out what people are chasing. Shopkeepers are usually only too happy to help you out. And not to forget the local library also of course.

It will not hurt to restate here some of the very best online sources for ideas. I detailed these a few posts back – but anyway here they are again.

Some useful links for niche gathering ideas include:

The Ebay Pulse

Pay particular attention to the Ebay categories – a veritable plethora of ideas at your fingertips.


The ‘Top Blogs’ under ‘Popular’ will open you up to some truly mind-boggling articles which cannot but help get the creative juices flowing.

Google Groups

Browse the “categories” group to see where people’s passions lie. A wonderful source for ideas.

Yahoo Groups

.. which offers a similar range of topics to Google Groups.

Google Trends

.. paying special attention to the Google Trends Report and what people search for daily.

Yahoo Answers

You may well have the answer to a question someone is asking … and they may well pay good money to get it.

And as I’ve said several times also … stick with the sub-niches and avoid like the plague the mega topics such as ‘weight loss’, ‘getting fit’, ‘travel’ etc. Dare to venture in here before you have learned the ropes and the big fish will swallow you up for breakfast.

Last and not least, remember this is the ‘gathering of ideas’ phase. Get every idea down on paper as soon as you can, irrespective of how silly it may first seem – remember what I said about brainstorming? Think about what people may be interested in or passionate about and jot that down. There will be time enough for evaluation, as you will soon find out.

For those of you whose mother tongue is not English then seriously consider creating a niche in your own country and language. This may present an even greater opportunity for you than if you decide to target native English speakers.

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