I’ve just taken a little time out to go an absorb a 7 page report on bettering your online profits by Derrick van Dyke of Affiliate Cash Secrets which goes under the unassuming name of ‘The 4 Step Plan’.

This is as Derrick puts it a 4 step plan for building your won ‘automatic money machine’ whereby if you take immediate action you should be able to turn a profit in 30 days or less. Derrick is firmly of the belief that this is the fastest, easiest, surefire way for a newbie to start making money online and although at this stage he has only introduced me to the preliminary overview, what he has to say makes interesting reading.

His business building plan revolves around four basic tenets:

* Selecting a profitable market

* Setting up your sales funnel

* Setting up your affiliate center

* Recruiting your affiliate team

Derrick’s very first report provides you with an overview of each of these four aspects of the plan and shows how surprizingly easy it is to get yourself up and profiting online easily.

I will update you further as and when I get to explore each of these areas in more depth but I have no doubt that each reading will enhance the steps I have already taken to market more effectively online and build my online profits.

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