This program sets out to disprove the theory that to succeed in your own online home business you must have an extensive mailing list. It’s never been easier to learn while you earn.

Hello there, my name is Dale Calder and I live in Auckland, the City of Sails, (not too far from Hobbiton), in beautiful New Zealand.

Wouldn’t you like to learn ’secret,’ techniques for creating your own profitable income earning websites, how to optimize these to gain first page rankings in the search results, and how to create multiple blogs in the ‘blink of an eye’ that will rake in the dollars … all on autopilot?

The social networking sites are playing an ever increasing role in generating targeted traffic to your website and/or blog and now form an indispensable part of the proactive internet marketer’s arsenal. Here you will be introduced to some absolutely amazing new strategies that many of the net’s top marketers have not yet tumbled to.

Some of our programs will be offering you “one on one” mentoring and over time free access to thousands of dollars worth of cutting edge software and instructional videos and you will be able to put into practice some extraordinary viral marketing techniques.

But the main objective in all of this is to ensure you succeed online by providing you with quality information (much of it free), to help project you forward on the path to financial freedom.

If I can play a small part in helping you achieve that, then I am more than happy.

Let’s see your homebased business profitable sooner, rather than later!



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