Now, does this scenario register with you? There you go putting in more hours than you care to mention in building your own profitable home based business, when whammo – you just don’t seem to be pulling in the sales that you were even half-way expecting.

Now, there may be a very good reason for this – someone may well have erased your affiliate ID in the browser – thereby cutting you out of your affiliate commission or even changed the ID to their own, so that they can gain the commission for themselves when they go on to purchase. Countless millions of dollars have been swiped over the years, from affiliates who have not exercised the necessary caution in protecting their affiliate links.

OK – so what to do about it? Well, short of resorting to expensive cloaking software there are other measures which can be tried. You can redirect the link through your domain – although this only provides limited protection as the affiliate link can be viewed in the browser bar once you arrive at the sales page. Not the ideal. Or .. you can mask by setting up a subdomain and then uploading a snippet of code in an .html file. But this technique which involves displaying the affiliate page as a page of your own domain (where you can benefit from the traffic flow) I have found to be less than reliable for every situation. Then there is free software out there, which purports to mask – but which can also have its limitations when it comes to som eof those ‘weirder’ affiliate link configurations.

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