I have held of writing this post for several weeks, as I wanted to test and study much of the material in a unique product I would like to introduce to you. I’ll cut to the chase and not withhold my little secret any longer. The product .. TOMpedia, the Online Marketing Encyclopedia.  Its target audience .. anyone looking to succeed in marketing on the internet. That includes local business owners and wannabe internet marketers looking to work from home and break away from the 9 to 5 grind.

Over the years I have amassed a ton of internet marketing educational material; some of it offering up excellent “on topic” content and other stuff .. total and absolute garbage!  But nowhere .. and I repeat NOWHERE .. have I gained from a single product such an in-depth, comprehensive, online education.

Three years hard graft have gone into this joint collaboration between respected online marketers Graham Hall and Jennifer Herold and it shows. They have covered all of the bases; making in easy for anyone with absolutely no knowledge of internet marketing to get a website up and running quickly online. Don’t be misled by the title. This is no encyclopedia in the traditional sense of the word, although it is a weighty tome, some 900 odd pages in all, should you choose to print it out. So, it is certainly not something to be digested at one sitting. But .. no stone is left unturned and it will be a resource you will want to turn to again and again.!

Even if you are looking to outsource all of the work yourself this is going to put you very much in the driving seat. You’ll be equipped with the necessary knowledge to maintain full control over the look of your site and the many powerful features you want it to encompass.

I am so impressed with the Online Marketing Encyclopedia, that I am incorporating TOMpedia as my primary post training educational resource in the series of off line training seminars I’m shortly conducting for local businesses here in Auckland. It receives my total and absolute endorsement.

A point to note .. you can join the select group of online marketers who are lauding its praises by claiming your no risk, exclusive copy of the trial program of TOMpedia, for an entry price which is nothing short of amazing.

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