Wow! Way to go. To be absolutely honest I thought the Google Friend Connect widget not particularly user-friendly and somewhat obtrusive. And ..  I suspect Google was not so chuffed about it either hence its recent move to the Google Friend Connect Social Bar which you will see sitting right down near the bottom of your screen.

It was a dottle to set up and as you will see I have now removed the sidebar widget. I’d like to thank Chris Lang of Googling Social for making this information available. I’ve already had a little play with it and I have to say I am impressed.

Now you can add friends and get friends more easily both as a visitor and a blog owner. The widget shows the history, comments and activity of users on a blog so you can more easily find and add active new friends that use Google Friend Connect more often. And .. it also makes it easier to moderate comments. Google also seems to have improved the problems with lack of functionality in the IE browser.

Check out the video below and then continue on down to find out the best way to put this on your blog.

YouTube Preview Image

Now one of the problems is that the social bar uses exact positioning and by default appears at the top of the page and may over run the header in many themes, no matter where you put it.

There is a way around this though. Set the property “Social Bar position” which is your first choice on the Google Friend Connect site to ‘bottom’ and it will ride the status bar like you see below.

So .. where to put the code? I put all of my widget code in the footer and that way the site loads fast, then the widget appears.

If you are new to WordPress this is what you need to do:

1. Log into WordPress
2. Click design
3. Click theme editor
4. Click footer.php
5. Scroll to the bottom of the text area
6. Just above </body> add the Google code (all of it – there are two lots)
7. If this scares you, back up the WP code first
8. How? Right click the text area
9. Select all
10. Right click and copy
11. Open Notepad, paste in the copied code
12. Save the file as footer.php
13. Now add the Google code to the WP version
14. If you screw it up you can go back

Hey .. hope you come connect with me via the Google Friend Connect widget at the foot of the screen and that you enjoy the whole Google Friend Connect experience. Do let me have your comments on what you think of it.

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