I’ve taken a couple of hours out today to continue my way through Peter Koning’s Facebook Payday kit .. but I can see me making repeated return visits in order to digest all that Peter has compiled here, so as to grow my own online business profits. I’d wrongly figured that the main focus would be on Facebook’s social ads .. boy was I off the mark!

I’d also expected that any remaining content would just take the form of a general guide offering tips on ‘How To Use Facebook’, with a bit of information thrown in here and there on ways to make an income or increase one’s income using this all popular social networking site. Not so … Rather .. we are invited to observe highly successful folk from diverse backgrounds who right here and now are making an enviable income off Facebook and we are given the unique privilege first hand of being shown just how they’ve done this .. so we can do it too.

Facebook as it stands today with a population of some 80,000,000 active users offers marketers an unprecedented opportunity to tap into this huge potential market. Never, has the timing been more perfect! So Peter’s providing us with an historical perspective of Facebook before showing us how to go about monetizing makes sound sense.

His chapter on mind-set is a must read to avoid the pitfall of blundering on in thinking that ‘old school’ marketing tactics will work. Such an approach will prove catastrophic.

The course unfolds in a series of logical steps and provides a number of scenarios showing how the traditional online marketing models (selling product, selling services, affiliate marketing etc) can be put into practice on what is now the Number One social networking site for online marketers and entrepreneurs. As an added note of interest the pretty staggering profits to be made from the creation or monetizing of existing Facebook applications is also revealed.

An easy, straight-forward step-by-step guide is included showing you how to set up a solid yet transparent profile, as well as a raft of useful tips on how to build bonding with the other users with whom you are connecting, while still never losing sight of the business goal which is to generate revenue for yourself. So, in addition to finding ways to promote within Facebook, (and many tips on marketing and marketing research are provided) you are also shown how to migrate those persons interested in your product/service across to your external websites, blogs and mailing lists.

The various free and paid methods by which you can use Facebook to promote your business right now are discussed in much detail .. with everything from group creation strategy to the business application of Facebook Pages being covered.

Peter’s take on the social ads I mentioned above is quite revealing .. perhaps not quite what you would expect .. and there is a separate PDF included devoted to this new pay per click model.

I found especially interesting the many ways in which one can leverage the efforts of others via the many different user applications to get one’s presence or product “out there”. This all powerful viral aspect of Facebook is particularly impressive and dare I say it .. only a small percentage of Facebook users (and indeed online marketers) have begun to come to grips with the power they have at their fingertips with these applications. Well .. Facebook Payday changes all of that!

Any marketer looking to grow their own profitable online business using the all powerful interactive features of Facebook will benefit immensely from the material offered with the Facebook Payday course.

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