Well .. it has been with great anticipation that I have looked forward to the arrival of the Thirty Day Challenge. Not quite there yet .. but pre-season is well underway .. and if this is a taste of what is to come then I am revved up on all six cylinders!

I had to concur with a highly respected colleague of mine .. an accomplished marketer who in the course of a conversation with me observed how jaded some people can be when it comes to recognizing a good thing. Despite his credentials in the online marketing world, when he went to make a pitch for the Thirty Day Challenge folk sensed he was trying to sucker them into something. I was left to reflect that this cynicism may perhaps be in part due to the inherent mistrust some folk have had with the ‘old school’ marketing methods employed by many of the so-called ‘gurus’ and others touting for their share of the online dollar.

And the sad thing? This guy is the last person in the world who would want to ram anything down someone’s throat. But such are the ways of the world ..

Anyway .. keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks .. as I update you on what is happening in the world of the Thirty Day Challenge.

Gotta say .. Ed Dale’s move across to the Flock browser with recommended add-ons improving its functionality was the right way to go. Wow! Even though we have yet to be shown a few more Flock secrets, I have to say I am impressed. Access to all 2500 of my Facebook friends from the sidebar – any one accessible at the click of the mouse button! Same goes for my Twitter contacts … And direct access into Twitter via the Twitter Bar .. without breaking out of the flow and having to move away from the browser .. great stuff! We will be using both Twitter and Twirl for communicating amongst our teams once the Thirty Day Challenge goes live.

Clearly, Google Reader has it over Bloglines which we were using last year .. and used properly will have you completely up to date with everything going on across the internet whatever your niche, whether it be in the work-from-home genre, your favourite hobby or whatever. Now at your fingertips .. a super powerful tool which will enable you to totally dominate your niche. Ed’s also got another nice little surprise in store enabling you to recover an extra hour of your time each day.

With the Thirty Day Challenge being the single biggest marketing event on the internet attracting literally thousand of participants .. why wouldn’t you want to join in and see what all the excitement is about? Oh .. sorry .. forgot to mention .. no cost for this, mind ..

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