True to form, Relationship and Buzz marketing specialist Mari Smith carries on over-delivering with her Mari Smith’s Social Marketing Method (previously Facebook for Professionals) course.. I have just got around to having a good re-read through of her comprehensive, recently released, first-edition PDF download (a core component of the complete multi-media course) wherein she shows you how to use Facebook, the Number 1 social network, to strategically grow your business.

You may recall me mentioning a few posts back how Mari had discovered how to use Facebook to rapidly increase her visibility as an expert in her field, find quality joint venture partners, attract high-end paying clients and gain the attention of the media.

Well .. the book has now grown since the BETA version was released to a staggering 250 pages .. laden with a wealth of revealing secrets for generating significant business profits on Facebook. Part II has been fleshed out and includes important segments for detailing the ground rules you need to follow if you want to make money on Facebook, the prep work you need to undertake before detailing your Facebook strategy, your development, deployment and refinement of that strategy and the ways in which you go about building your network deliberately and organically.

Its now become very clear to me that I have a ton more work to do if I am even to go half way to implementing all that Mari recommends .. but I have made some significant inroads already and will be working to follow through on all of her recommendations on how to grow my own business using Facebook.

Anyone truly serious about making money online using Facebook, now has available the ultimate resource kit in the way of the Mari Smith’s Social Marketing Method course and need look no further in their quest for the definitive guide.

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