Over the last twelve months or so we have seen many online marketers including a number of the ‘self proclaimed’ gurus, cashing in on the huge opportunities available by tapping in to local markets, through the use of various technologies. We’ve seen courses on list management for local business, video marketing, mobile marketing and of course social media, including of late any number of courses on Facebook marketing.

I’ve seen some really good material come through from the likes of Chris Farrell, Imran Naseem and Jo Barnes to name a few .. but in truth nothing which holds a candle to the material which recently came into my hands from a relatively new chum on the block .. Sam Bakker.

Sam’s latest offering, the Facebook Cash Series, a collaboration with fellow marketer, Wynne Pirini, now give you absolutely everything you could ever hope for if you are looking to set up your own Facebook Local Business Consultancy.  And .. if you have already purchased other Facebook courses and blindly bought into some of the things taught, expect to be surprised  with what you find here.

The Facebook Cash Series is not just about creating compelling fan pages with grabbing images you can overlay  – it is the ultimate Facebook tool in every respect – enabling you to earn a full time living by assisting local business clients go mega viral. If you have seen the enormous potential offered by Facebook, but were never quite sure where to start, then I wholeheartedly recommend this course.

Right now the Facebook Cash Series is in pre-launch. At the silly price Sam has put on this you won’t want to pass up on this. Just go check out the comments pouring in on the Warrior Forum!

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