Before I move forward and spend a little more time on the Magnificent Symphony, I think it important that first you give yourself a little practice at brainstorming. I know that in the past I’ve found myself in situations where folk at a brainstorming session have been hesitant about contributing, and for that reason I believe a Skype conference call set down for just that purpose is an excellent way to involve people who have already set themselves up with the right mindset.

Here the group members can feel free to throw their ideas out there … irrespective of how crazy they may seem. And often your online colleagues are only too happy to contribute input, realizing full well that what goes around comes around.

It is these self-same ‘crazy’ ideas that often provide the greatest insights. And it is from the ‘germ’ of an idea that meaningful plans and objectives can be couched.

Back here in New Zealand, Canadian Kyle Mac Donald made headline news when through the use of some powerful brainstorming techniques he showed how it was possible to acquire a house, starting off with a paper clip as a first trade. He then moved on through a series of trades – the paper-clip for a fish shaped pen, the pen for a ceramic doorknob and so on. After some fourteen trades and approximately a year later he had moved into a new freehold house … and all this starting with just a miniscule paper-clip.

Why not arrange a little warm-up practice exercise ahead of the main brainstorming session. Take some common object you might find around the home, say a hairclip, bread tie or whatever. Then have everyone write down as many ways as they can think of to use it. You could have two groups participating and perhaps offer a prize to whoever comes up with the most uses to which the object can be put. Perhaps a free software download? This will inject a bit of competitive spirit into the whole exercise.

It is important to emphasize that you are seeking numbers of ideas … quality doesn’t enter into it. The ideas being floated are not to be judged at this early stage. You just want any and all ideas thrown onto the table … irrespective of how trivial or ‘silly’ these may seem. Creativity is what you are seeking here.

Set a time limit on how long the exercise is to take. Maybe 15 minutes? This will create a sense of urgency to the whole exercise and will be more likely to spark the creative thought processes before rationale has an inclination to set in. Make the whole exercise light hearted …. it is to be enjoyed!

You’ve now set yourself up for the full-blown brainstorming exercise where everything is likely to proceed like clockwork because of the prior effort you have put in.

Although the main purpose of brainstorming is to generate ideas, in a group situation it has more value in problem solving. Some examples include; improving initiative, improving creative thinking, improving morale and having more fun.

All of these uses are supported by Novamind, making it the ideal productivity software for your brainstorming and creative, radiant thinking needs.

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