… and how does it relate to the development of your work-from-home based business?

Throughout the course of the Millionaire Blueprint program you will hear us make much use of work-from-home blogs, and as you will already have learned we will be creating one of these along with a number of WordPress autoblogs for the niche markets that we are looking to target. It is important therefore that we have an appreciation of just what blogging entails.

Many folk perceive blogging as ‘something new’ – no doubt beause of its association with the advanced social bookmarking sites which have been receiving so much attention via the media lately. The fact is … blogging has been around for more than 10 years.

Nowadays you will find topics as diverse as ‘grasshopper collecting’ to ‘political diatribe’ – a far cry from the days when a web-log (shortened form, blog), was largely used to diary or chronicle events.

Blogging has now so matured that is is arguably the most effective means of internet-based communication. Why? Put simply … it is relatively easy and requires little time investment. It is just a question of choosing whether to host your blog on your own domain, or whether to use a blogging interface such as is available through Google’s Blogger or WordPress.. Either way it is just a matter of adding a few new entries to your blog and have these update in just a matter of seconds. No more messy code … and this can all be done while you are listening to music, watching TV or while you are talking online with friends or work colleagues.

One of the absolute delights of blogging is that it allows for rapid-response comments. This can not only result in the development of ongoing discourse but provide you with a constantly changing content-rich blog which will help you no end in the search results.

This is the first in a series of blog-related articles I will be posting- so keep an eye open for the next instalment.

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