As an affiliate marketer you will be all too familiar with the tedious job of logging into multiple affiliates services just to keep track of your sales. Time consuming? Tell me about it!

Serious affiliate marketers just do not have the time to go checking all their affiliate stats in detail when a simple overview usually suffices. Well .. now they no longer have to go check which merchants are getting the clicks or check what sales, if any, they are getting.

Enter … Affmeter PRO 2.0 – a standalone new generation software interface that allows you to monitor the performance of merchants on your site so that you can substitute the poor performers with the paying programs, streamline your ads and increase click through .. that and so much more .. and all of this at the click of a button.

I particularly like the automated stats retrieval function which displays a little pop up box in the bottom right hand corner of my screen, allowing me regular displays of my earnings for the day. A great little motivator, when you are able to see at a glance those checks rolling in.

The newest features in Affmeter Pro 2.0 include:

* smarter set-up of your Google Adwords account
* a tool enabling affiliates to compare their performances in between different time periods
* an enhanced user interface with more navigational capabilities
* a faster ‘data fetch’ capability
* an enhanced ability to selectively monitor merchants’ performances.

There is a widely supported network of programs including Commission Junction, Clickbank, Linkshare, Affiliate Future, OnenetworkDirect, Clixgalore and Goodle Adsense .. along with a number of other high profile networks.

In my view the “icing on the cake” is the excellent support forum and wide knowledge base designed to assist the Affmeter PRO 2.0 user by answering any problems arising at any time.

The smart affiliate looking to same time and make more money will see this well supported software pay for itself time and time again .. as more and more of those affiliate checks continue to roll on in while you effectively keep track of your sales.

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