Now, moving on let’s take a look at some of the more advanced techniques we can put in place to crank up our online marketing efforts another notch.


Google Adwords

While there is no doubt that Google Adwords is one of the most profitable money-making techniques you can apply to your online home business, it does require skill. And you need to research you market thoroughly.

I would suggest that you put Google Adwords on hold until such time as you are prepared to spend $500 or so to get the hang of it. It may cost you that much before you start to see a return.

Mark Ling’s step-by-step Google Adwords’ video lessons will show you exactly how to get money rolling in, using this strategy. The link to his site is shown below.

Landing page

You will find that a good landing page always converts better than when you simply send people who click on your ad straight to the main product site. There are numerous landing page options you may like to consider and these include: free lessons. a free video tutorial, ebook or newsletter … or perhaps a simple software tool that’s free to use.

Email marketing

How often have you been told “It’s all in the list”. The reason that email marketing is so effective is because it keeps you in contact with both the visitors who haven’t yet purchased, as well as those customers who have. Are you aware that people who have already purchased something are twice as likely to buy again?

Any good affiliate knows the importance of committing to regular email marketing campaigns. Use Get Response to automate these.


Full website

Whether you aim to pay someone to set your website up for you, or whether you propose doing this yourself, either way you are going to need some basic website skills and SEO know-how in order to keep the site maintained … and not to forget the updates! So, do go all out to get your site set up as soon as you can.

It cannot be emphasized enough that having your own website with high traffic volumes means the world is your oyster! Here you have innumerable opportunities to link to other sites and utilize banners, audio and video, get listed in the natural search results, provide free ‘giveaways’, capture newsletter subscribers – and many other things.


Do these three things to help you gain the best possible results with your Adsense ads.

When writing your articles, give some thought to the types of ads that you think your customers are going to be attracted to, so that their content is matched with what you are writing. Highly targeted content is what we are talking about here.

Test, to establish the best position to place your ads on the page and if at all possible compliment these with graphics above, so that they mesh naturally with the site.


In the same way that social networking sites are ‘living, active sites’ where visitors can interact, so too are online communities being seen as more and more important in ensuring vistors are returning regularly to your site. You do need some fairly advanced web skills if you are looking at setting up yourown online community, but it will pay you dividends in the long run.

If these two posts have sparked your interest further in affiliate marketing then why not visit Affilorama: Your Essential Guide to Becoming a Super Affiliate and subscribe to this free 6-part video course on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

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