You have heard me prattle on about the 30 Day Challenge but you better believe it … this has totally changed my approach to how I now go about ‘testing my markets’ and that is essentially what the ‘challenge is all about. It never pretended to be a comprehensive A to Z course on internet marketing, but in my view is an indispensable preamble and indeed complement to all facets of your online marketing experience. To Ed Dale, Dan Raine, the two Mikes, Nick, Caro and the rest of the team I owe a huge debt of gratitude.

The 30 Day Challenge, although officially over, in fact isn’t … and right now you can still work the challenge  through from beginning to end. I’ve just received an email through from Ed in which he remarks ‘ THE THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE IS NOT OVER! All the content lessons and the forums will stay up – we want this to be your Internet Marketing home – free from the typical affiliate pimping and pitching elsewhere…’.

So folks – all is not lost! You really do owe it to yourself to go check this out. All of the lessons are delivered in video and audio format and have been beautifully summarized by Mike Mindel.

For my own part, I will be taking a step back and looking at how I have been approaching my internet marketing business to date and addressing those areas needing a good overhaul.

Early on in the course you will hear Ed describe ‘internet marketing’ as that ‘magnificent symphony made up of four movements’ …

1. Market Research

2. Traffic

3. Conversion

4. Product

It is important that you understand this. Internet marketing is all about you taking this series of steps and in the order shown. Notice how ‘product’ is the LAST thing you should be looking at – and your prospective ‘market’ the very first thing. All too often the reasons folk fail in their online business is because they have lost focus and have not returned to these four simple steps. Or .. if they have, they’ve skipped over what is probably the most important element of all … market research.

Now that the phenomena known as Web 2.0 is upon us a whole new way of finding markets and generating and converting prospects exists. If we adhere to sticking with the ‘old ways’ of doing business then we can expect to find ourselves ‘buried’ by those who are right up with the play in the Web 2.0 world.

In our keyword research we can choose to go with the tried and true scientific approach and know in advance assuredly which keywords will generate maximum traffic and thus sales … or just stick with the good old ‘shotgun’ approach and hope that we at least get the odd hit. I certainly know which I prefer.

I will continue to focus mainly on affiliate marketing in the shorter term leaving product creation until a little later. The indispensable training material made available will sit beautifully with the video based mentoring I am receiving from Mark Ling through the Affilorama program who is guiding me step by step down the pathway to Super Affiliate status. Talk about the ultimate duo!!

Anyway … enough said for this post. We will leave in-depth examination of the ‘symphony’ for another time.

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