Last month we examined the guts if you like of what the 30 Day Challenge was all about and discussed why it was such an indispensable preamble and complement to all of the other material that you will have digested, on the ‘right’ way to market online.

To recap … the Challenge was never a marketing course per se, but rather a fail-safe way to test your markets, before leaping off and spending countless hours and perhaps heaps of cash on backing what is essentially a ‘dead horse’.

We touched on the four movements that make up that ‘Magnificent Symphony’ and today will make a start on probing a little deeper into each and every one.

Why is it that folk choose to spend so little time on tackling that most basic of fundamentals first – market research, preferring to just brush over this in their hurry to get a site or blog up and running.

I am willing to bet that the main reason a huge number of internet marketers fail online is because they focus on the product first instead of establishing what it is that the market wants.

During the course of the Thirty Day Challenge you will be provided with a valuable tool for testing the profitability of your market, but before you even start down that track just start brainstorming possible markets. Don’t try to make any judgements at this stage …. this is just about getting as many ideas down as possible. It is quite possible to do this manually without recourse to software, but for those of you who can afford it then I cannot recommend highly enough the excellent Mind Mapping Software made available through Novamind. This is quite simply a brilliant way to trigger your creativity.

Some useful links for niche gathering ideas include:

The Ebay Pulse

Pay particular attention to the Ebay categories – a veritable plethora of ideas at your fingertips.


The ‘Top Blogs’ under ‘Popular’ will open you up to some truly mind-boggling articles which cannot but help get the creative juices flowing.

Google Groups

Browse the “categories” group to see where people’s passions lie. A wonderful source for ideas.

Yahoo Groups

.. which offers a similar range of topics to Google Groups.

Google Trends

.. paying special attention to the Google Trends Report and what people search for daily.

Yahoo Answers

You may well have the answer to a question someone is asking … and they may well pay good money to get it.

Not to forget of course … you are not confined to the internet for ideas. Go check out the local library, local craft stalls, magazines, trendy items selling in local shops (ask the shopkeeper what is popular) … the list is endless.

Remember we need to find great markets. Don’t make the mistake of focusing on product and ‘gut feeling’ what the market wants. The market will be sure to tell us what it wants. You just need to be receptive to what it is telling you.

Finally a reminder: Clicking on these links will take you to these sites:

The Thirty Day Challenge


Mike Mindel’s Thirty Day Challenger

from where some of this content has been obtained and to whom I am indebted for pointing me on the path to niche domination.

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