Isn’t it strange that when it comes to so many of the things we tackle in life we fail to address the fundamentals which must be in place if we are to succeed. Goal setting is one which immediately springs to mind … but another peculiar to marketing specifically … is not taking the time to find out what the market wants. In other words, presupposing the market wants something and then focusing on product.

Don’t second guess what you think a market wants, or indeed that it even exists. The markets will tell us in no uncertain terms exactly what they are looking for, so take the time to research your market fully … and worry about product later!

Daily, we are seeing more and more niche markets opening up to us on the internet and this represents a wonderful opportunity for us to make a fantastic living online.

Now we have a wide range of tools available to us – some online and some downloadable which can assist us in establishing whether we are capturing the share of the market that we should be, just who is visiting our website/blog, who is checking out what we have on offer and what they are prepared to pay to obtain this. And … not to forget … we also have completely FREE access to arguably the very best instruction site on driving targeted traffic to your blog, website or opt-in page – Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge.

Start first by coming up with ideas for markets (markets mind, not products). Don’t attempt at this stage to analyze or rationalize whether your ideas are good or bad. Just get them down on paper, using the brainstorming techniques that I mentioned a couple of posts back. But don’t go near the wide and heavily saturated niches, where you are likely to get ‘gobbled up’. Far better rather than a wide niche such as ‘fishing’ – to focus on a narrow micro-niche within that niche such as ‘catching conger eels‘ perhaps, (example for illustrative purposes only). It is these smallest and least obvious sites that inevitably prove the most successful niches in the market.

We should be making our start in these markets which are known to work.

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